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error in expression

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im getting an "error in expression" message. i hear theres a utility out there that can help detect wrong syntax. i remmeber seeing it one time but forget what it was called. i remember not using it because it had to be compiled. if this indeed exists and is definitely a must have, is there a compiled version out there any of you can point me towards.

here's the script im getting error in expression in:

$arr = IniReadSection("assets.ini", "ASSETS")
$combo = GUICtrlCreateCombo($arr[1][0], 50, 35); create combobox and set first item
For $i = 2 To $arr[0][0]
    GUICtrlSetData($combo, $arr[$i][0]); add other items and set a new default control

GUICtrlCreateLabel("Enter Asset:", 50, 10)
$asset = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 10, 75, 100, 20)

$filemenu = GUICtrlCreateMenu("&File")
$fileopenitem = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("Edit Device List", $filemenu)
$fileexititem = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("Exit", $filemenu)

$helpmenu = GUICtrlCreateMenu ("&Help")
$helpchangeitem = GUICtrlCreateMenuitem ("Change Log",$helpmenu)
$helpaboutitem = GUICtrlCreateMenuitem ("About",$helpmenu)

$btn = GUICtrlCreateButton ("OK", 255,27,40,20,0x0300)
GUICtrlSetState(-1, $GUI_FOCUS)


While 1
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
    Switch $msg
        Case = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
        case $btn
        case $fileopenitem
        case $fileexititem
        case $helpchangeitem
        case $helpaboutitem

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Remove that nasty little = in your switch statement.

Edit: Oh and a quick tip, double clicking on the error in SciTEs console jumps to the error :D

Edited by monoceres

Broken link? PM me and I'll send you the file!

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