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Path split question

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Hey everyone. Just a quick one

I'm trying to split a path. This works fine in the respect that it gets the location of the zip so I can extract it to TEMP2 but the only problem I have is that i'm trying to figure out how I can name the extrated folder...The code below will work fine with my .ini file If I name the folder to the zip that extracts. However I'm trying to work out how I can name the folder the name at the top..

Anyone have any ideas..

_PathSplit($files[$i],$null,$null,$fname,$null);gets the name of the folder at top level

The idea so far is this, but it doesn't name my extracted folder the name the folder comes from..


The folder is like this




My code above quite happily gets the zip file and will extract it to a folder that the name is taken from the zip file...

So the name of the folder thats extracted would be ITEM....But I want the name to be FOLDER1

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