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Testing that a specific day of the month has passed?

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I need to determine if a specific day has passed already this year. e.g. Last Sunday in March

How can I do that?

Here are some more of examples of what I want to evaluate:

Last Sunday in March

Last Sunday in October

First Sunday in April

second Sunday in March

first Sunday in November

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Here's me idea, although I think there is a more clever way:

#include <date.au3>
$daytocheck=05 ; Friday
For $i=1 To @mday
    If _DateToDayOfWeekIso(@year,@mon,$i)=$daytocheck-1 Then
MsgBox(0,"Result:","There has been "&$count&" fridays this month")

Edit: So if you want to check againt it, just do: If $count>=1 Then ; First friday of current month has passed

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Broken link? PM me and I'll send you the file!

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