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filerename function

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;File Rename


;0 For successful

;1 For Did not enter File to be Renamed

;2 For Did not enter new file name

;3 For File Does not Exist

; _filerename($oldfilename, $newfilename)

;$oldfilename - enter the file you with to be rename including the full path

;$newfilename - enter the name you want it, but not the path

;Example - _filerename("c:\helpme.txt", "Idonotneedhelp.txt")

;Result c:\Idonotneedhelp.txt

;By Flip209


Func _filerename($oldfilename, $newfilename)

$i = 0

Dim $string

If $oldfilename = "" Then

Return 1

ElseIf $newfilename = "" Then

Return 2

ElseIf not FileExists($oldfilename) Then

Return 3


$split = StringSplit($oldfilename, "\")


If $i <> 0 Then $string &= $split[$i] & "\"

$i += 1

Until $i = $split[0]

$string &= $newfilename

FileMove($oldfilename, $string)

If FileExists($string) then Return 0

EndFunc ;==>_filerename



0 if good

1 no source file

2 no name to rename to

3 file does not exist

Edited by flip209

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LMAO I dropped the p it what suppose to be bump....LMAO My bad

Understood as much, guess I was trying to tell you its annoying to Bump something this quickly that doesn't even contain anything that needs answering.

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Returning 0 on success isn't such a good idea.


If _FileRename("Blah.txt", "Hi.txt") Then
     MsgBox(0, "Error", "There was an error")

See FileMove Return Values in the helpfile to see what it should return :D

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