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Ok, I've been trying for a while.

I am trying to read an ini file and the file contains a path. What I want to do is replace a certain part of the path with another name but I can't figure out the correct thing String manipulation to use.

for instance,

$OldPath = C:\myfolder\inthe\year\2009\

$sOldPath = StringSplit($OldPath, "\", 1)

$IniVal= Iniread("C:\myfolder\myfile.ini\","Listing", "Path", "")
$nInifile = StringInStr($iniVal, "2008", 2)

If Not $sOldPath[5] = $nInifile Then

"The part I can't figure out here.  To replace the string in the Inifile to put 2009 where 2008 is in the Ini file Path."


Dont know if any of that makes since but I have a path just like C:\myfolder\inthe\year\2008\ in the ini file and want to replace it with a new value if the value of a folder is different. So instead of 2008, it will change the folder to 2009, based on the what it see when doing the comparison.

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Try this:

$IniVal = Iniread("C:\myfolder\myfile.ini\","Listing", "Path", "")
$iPos = StringInStr($IniVal, "2008")
If $iPos > 0 Then $IniVal = StringReplace($IniVal, "2008", "2009")

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