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Allowing Users to Set Hotkeys

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Is there any way to let users assign their own hotkeys?

This would be VERY helpful , as some of my users have different keyboards , like canadian keyboards , etc.

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I guess that you can do something like this:

$key = InputBox("HotKeySet","Type which key you want to use as HotKey","q")

HotKeySet($key, "Terminate")
Func Terminate()
    Exit 0

while 1
    MsgBox(0,"Running","Press the button your defined before to Exit",2)

You could make it in a better way, but this is the simple way.. just an example :D

EDIT: The smarter way is to read about this in the help file _IsPressed - then the user don't have to type it in the inputbox. You can see the ID's for the keys in the Misc.au3

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