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Multiple Child Guis with same control on each


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I have a program that can have many child guis at the same time that have the same controls on them.

The problem i am having is that it seems that only the most recently created guis controls are working.

Example, i have a button, on each gui, that will check all of a bunch of checkboxes in a treeview control, it works fine for the most recently create gui, but if i hit the button on a previously created gui, the checkboxes get checked in the most recently create one.

I know this could be solved using arrays for the controls since thats is how i am handling the multiple guis.

Is there an easier way? Ideally something like gui2.control1

Any suggestions would be great.

I would post the code but it is big and it requires a database to work properly.

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I think GUISwitch() is what you need :D

I tried that. I am using OnEventMode and i put the GuiSwitch in the checkall button's event using @GUI_WINHANDLE.

Func _CheckAllLevels()
    ConsoleWrite("Handle = " & @GUI_WINHANDLE & @CRLF)
    For $i = 1 to 9
        _GUICtrlTreeView_SetChecked($levelTV, $levelItem[$i])

This did not work, it still affects only the most recently created gui.

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The best approach that I found for this was to make the main GUI higher than the child GUI's then place common controls in the extra space created. There should be no need for multiple "Check All" buttons. You should only need 1 of them. One of my apps has around 28 Windows and I re-use several controls to maipulate various other controls and functions. I'm not sure that OnEventMode is the way to go with this though. I use Msg loops for doing it.


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