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FileGetTime issue

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Hey everyone. Does anyone know if its possible to do something like the following:

$time=FileGetTime ($file,3)

I'm trying to use $file within my FileGetTime, rather than having to define the location of the files. I'm searching through several files, therefore I believe this is the best way, but it just doesn't like the code, maybe I have done something wrong?


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Deffinately sure about that. Just tested...Option 3 gives me the modified time..which is interesting.

0 gives me the modified time to. I guess because Option 3 doesn't exist it just uses the default 0..

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Nevermind my silly mistake.

But I still have the same issue because my code doesn't recognize the $file

$time=FileGetTime ($file,0)

I have a feeling that I have coded this wrong?

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What*s the value of $file?

Is It From FieFindnextFile? Then you have to add the path.

When you use _FileListToArray, you have to add it, too

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