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Creating Objects From Pointers

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Hi,I'm trying to create a wrapper to the IContextMenu interface,but it needs an IShellFolder object from the wanted folder.

I want to get it from the desktops folder object(Got as a pointer in a structure passed to SHGetDesktopFolder),but i can't invoke any of it's properties/methods because AU3 does not identify it as an object.

Like in this example:

$tDesktopFolder = DllStructCreate("ptr")

$oDesktopFolder = DllStructGetData($tDesktopFolder,1)
; Pointer was allocated

Local $tPIDL = DllStructCreate("ptr")
;use autoexec.bat because all Win versions have it
$iRet = $oDesktopFolder.ParseDisplayName(0,0,"C:\autoexec.bat",0,DllStructGetPTR($tPIDL),0

Is this possible within AU3?If not,does anybody know an easier way to obtain shell's context menu for a specified file/folder? Thank You.

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