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can any of the real cracks here give me a hand and help me adjusting the code below to access a file?

#include <WinAPI.au3>

Global $output, $InputFile, $hFile, $tSize, $tBuffer, $pBuffer, $bread = 0, $filesize

$InputFile = "test.txt"

$hFile = _WinAPI_CreateFile($InputFile, 2, 2)
$filesize = _WinAPI_GetFileSizeEx($hFile)
$tBuffer = DllStructCreate("char Text[" & $filesize & "]") 
$pBuffer = DllStructGetPtr($tBuffer)
_WinAPI_ReadFile($hFile, $pBuffer, $filesize, $bread)

$output = DllStructGetData($pBuffer,"Text")


What I want is a way to access a file and read from position y to x.

Searched the forum without much success, all I came up with is the stuff above ( :) ).

Thanks in advance and cheers


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