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Automate an installation routine

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i would like to wait for the state "enable" of a control (button). This button-control is part of an installation routine so it is not being created

by an autoit-script at once. If the user runs the installation routine the window, on which the button-control is set, is already active, but the control is disabled for a few seconds. After this time, you can get to the next window, because the button-control has been enabled.

So my question is... how can i catch the state of the button-control. I used the "GUICtrlGetState" function like this:

$state = GUICtrlGetState("17501")

While $state == $GUI_DISABLE

but the function return the value -1. Can you give me some examples or inspirations to solve this problem?

Thank you very much...

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What is the program you are trying to install?

It's a custom-made installation routine that you cannot download from the internet.

So if I wrote the installtion routine with the Autoit own controls, i just beeing able to use the

GUIXXX functions. Is that correct ?

In my case I only have informations from the Autoit Window Info tool. With this I won the

button-control-ID. It's 17501

This button-control is disabled because in the back the installtion routine just make some

things that doesn't matter. So this procedure takes a few seconds. After that the button gets

enabled so you can go on with the rest of the installation.

My question is (instead of taking the Sleep-function) how I can check the controls state?

Because this is the only attribute I can check on!! Or not?

Can anybody help me? (maybe with an example?)

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