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Hello i'm tring to have autoit display fullscreen image on top and resample it from higher size to lover (or vice versa) to screensize. I found somehthing cxImage, but it don't work for me and i didn't find anythink about how to do fullscreen.

Where should i start and what i sould search for?

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No need go into advanced stuff:

#include <WindowsConstants.au3>
#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
$picname = FileOpenDialog("Picture to display", @MyDocumentsDir, "Pictures (*.jpg;*.bmp)", 1)
If $picname="" Then Exit
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
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Broken link? PM me and I'll send you the file!

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Wow, that is superb, i really didn't expected full working script as reply! Thanks!

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Here are a couple of functions that you might find to be helpful with this project:

Func GetImagePercentSize($i_width, $i_height, $intPercent)
    Local $retArr[2]
    $retArr[0] = Round($i_width * $intPercent / 100)
    $retArr[1] = Round($i_height * $intPercent / 100)
    Return $retArr
; I think simucal wrote this one ...
Func GetImageDimensions($Filepath_Gif)
    $Filepath_Gif = FileGetLongName($Filepath_Gif); validate the passed GIF filepath.
    If @error Then Return SetError($GIF_FILE_NOTFOUND, 0, 0); passed file not found.
    Local $sFile = StringMid($Filepath_Gif, StringInStr($Filepath_Gif, "\", 0, -1) + 1)
    Local $sDir = StringLeft($Filepath_Gif, StringInStr($Filepath_Gif, "\", 0, -1) - 1)
    Local $oShellApp = ObjCreate("Shell.Application")
    If Not IsObj($oShellApp) Then Return SetError($GIF_OBJCREATE_ERROR, 0, 0)
;__ErrorHandlerRegister(); this is where to register an AutoIt Error Handler function
    Local $oDir = $oShellApp.NameSpace($sDir)
    Local $oFile = $oDir.Parsename($sFile)
    If Not IsObj($oFile) Then Return SetError($GIF_COM_ERROR, 0, 0)
    Local $sProperty = $oDir.GetDetailsOf($oFile, 26)
    Local $ImgDimensions = StringSplit($sProperty, " ")
    $ImgDimensions[0] = Number($ImgDimensions[1])
    $ImgDimensions[1] = Number($ImgDimensions[3])
    $oFile = 0
    $oShellApp = 0
;__GifErrorHandlerUnregister(); you could de-register the handler at this point.
    ReDim $ImgDimensions[2]
    Return SetError($GIF_SUCCESS, 0, $ImgDimensions)
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Das Häschen benutzt Radar

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