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string management

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Hello all,

1) I open a text file (FileOpen with option "2")

2) I read the lines (FileReadLine)

3) I change some of them (StringReplace, StringStripWS, etc ...)

4) I write the new lines on a new text file (FileWriteLine).

Opening the new file: with Notepad I see some strange symbol; with Scite I see in some line CR+LF but in other line I see only CR.

I don't understand why, maybe it dipend the way I change the line (item 3).

Now, I'm trying to add a LF at the end of the lines before the FileWriteLine (using: $string = $string & Chr(10) ), but this way doesn't seems to work properly!!

Note that:

a) In the original file each line end with CR+LF

:) If I open the new file with Scite and I use the option "Convert Line End Character" the file is saved in the right format.

Has anyone some idea about this?

Tank in advance


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Maybe this?

    If $line<>"" Then
        ; Do whatever processing you want here:
        ContinueLoop ; Just fooling around with the loop :P
Until True


Broken link? PM me and I'll send you the file!

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