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AutoIt v3.2.12.0 Released


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  • Administrators (16th May, 2008) (Release)

Download: http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/downloads.shtml

Please uninstall any beta versions first.

Thanks to everyone who has has played a part in this release - it's very much appreciated by all of us :)


- Removed: Unnecessary optional parameter from ProcessClose().

- Removed: RunAsSet(). (Replaced with RunAs() and RunAsWait())

- Removed: RunErrorsFatal option ( Opt() ).

- Removed: ColorMode option ( Opt() ).

- Changed: @Unicode renamed in @AutoItUnicode. @Unicode is an alias for now. It will be removed >

- Changed: The behavior of StdoutRead(), StderrRead(), StdinWrite() and ConsoleRead() has been changed.

- Changed: PCRE regular expression engine updated to 7.6.

- Changed: AutoIt internet functions (e.g. InetGet()) now use "AutoIt" as a user-agent. Previously using blank

which was blocked by many websites.

- Changed: ControlClick() now accepts the same mouse buttons as MouseClick() - left/right/middle/primary/secondary/main/menu.

- Changed: Maximum controls in a GUI window 4093 -> 65532.

- Changed: @OSVersion can now return "WIN_2008" for Windows Server 2008.

- Added: RunAs(), RunAsWait().

- Added: GUISetAccelerators().

- Added: REGEXPCLASS in Advanced Window and control definitions.

- Added: X, Y, W, H in advanced window/control definitions.

- Added: DllCall() new types int_ptr, uint_ptr, long_ptr, ulong_ptr. Special types that change size on x86/x64.

- Added: "REG_QWORD" type for RegWrite().

- Added: HotKeySet() modified to work with the {} notation.

- Added: FileReadLine( ,-1) read last line.

- Added: Std I/O redirection works with RunAs...().

- Added: Std I/O merged flag for using the same stream for stdout/stderr.

- Added: Std I/O supports binary data.

- Added: ConsoleWrite()/ConsoleWriteError() now return the amount of data written.

- Added: Remarks in Run() about how to close streams/release resources associated with STDIO.

- Added: StdioClose() function to force STDIO data closed for a process.

- Added: ProcessClose() now closes processes started by other users.

- Added: ProcessWaitClose() returns exitcode in @extended

- Added: Pixel...() can specified a window handle as last parameter.

- Added: "start" and "count" parameters added to StringInStr().

- Added: GUICtrlSetDefColor(), GUICtrlSetDefBkColor().

- Added: Added parent window parameter to MsgBox(), FileSelectFolder(), FileOpenDialog(), FileSaveDialog().

- Fixed: DllCall() setting wrong @error values.

- Fixed: BlockInput() returns errors.

- Fixed: WinWaitActive() not matching (more frequent with Windows Vista).

- Fixed: GUICtrlSetState($GUI_SHOW) on hidden radio on an active tab.

- Fixed: SciTe Lite not installed in the AutoIt Choosen release dir.

- Fixed: WinMove() with Speed = 0 crash the script.

- Fixed: Mysterious return value of 1 when no explicit value was set.

- Fixed: ControlCommand(), "GetLineCount"

- Fixed: _FileListToArray() when using root drive dir as c:\ under Win9x.

- Fixed: TraySetState(4) flashing tray icon for Windows Vista.

- Fixed: ProcessExists() wrong return.

- Fixed: StringRegExp() crashing under Win95.

- Fixed: Handle leak when using Run() with I/O redirection.

- Fixed: Disabled input control background on Tab.

- Fixed: GUICtrlDelete() of a tab if two GUI windows are used.

- Fixed: AutoIt crash in Random() when range exceeds 2^31.

- Fixed: #include parsing error detection.

- Fixed: Array entry passed Byref to a UDF.

- Fixed: FileSetTime() erronously rounds UP on non NTFS partition.

- Fixed: STDIO redirection sometimes failed on Windows 9x.

- Fixed: IniReadSectionNames() returning incorrect number of sections under Win9x.

- Fixed: AutoIt tray icon removal on script exiting.

- Fixed: AutoIt crash when removing ObjEvent() object.

- Fixed: ObjEvent() handler can destroy return of AutoIt Function : as winwait("title") can return 0.

- Fixed: Dirmove() on different volume.

- Fixed: Crash with RegRead() and REG_MULTI_SZ on x64.

- Fixed: GuiCtrlListView() behind BG Picture. Doc updated.

- Fixed: Various Edit control focus and DefPushButton issues.

- Fixed: ControlTreeview() returning @error=1 on success.

- Fixed: COM objects could lose numeric precision.

- Fixed: StringReplace() with start float number.

- Fixed: ControlCommand() "SelectString" wrong selection.

- Fixed: StringSplit() flag=1 delimiters not case sensitive.

- Fixed: In advanced Window descriptions only semi-colon must be escaped.

- Fixed: ObjGet() memory leak.

- Fixed: Modified AutoUpdateIt.au3 to work under x64.

- Fixed: Resizing GUI before GUISetState().

- Fixed: Radio events fired when GUI reactivated.

- Fixed: GUICtrlDelete() on contextMenuItem.

- Fixed: An attempt to FileDelete() a file that was just executed with RunWait() would sometimes fail.

- Fixed: GUI performance problem when creating a large number of windows.

- Fixed: GuiGetCursorInfo() with swapped mouse buttons.

- Fixed: Random(Min,Max,1). Previously this would never actually return Max,

so if Max was artificially incremented by one the script will now need to be changed.


- Added: ControlTreeView().

- Fixed: ControlListView() for native DLL version.


- Added: Option to compile scripts as console applications.


- Changed: Controls are always highlighted when using the finder tool.

- Changed: Controls are not highlighted by default.

- Changed: Control description gives the advanced version of class and instance.

SciTE "lite":

- Updated the source to version 1.75

- Added Save Dialog extension.


- See the script breaking changes page.

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