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_MemoryWrite NomadMemory...Can I Write an Array of Bytes?

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Hey everyone,

Im wondering if I can write an array of bytes to the memory using Nomad Memory. If I cant I would love it if someone could point out how I could do this.

Heres my script:

Global $NoDC1Write[20]=[0x81,0x05,0xB0,0xEF,0x56,0x00,0x6A,0x04,0x00,0x00,0xA1,0xB0,0xEF,0x56,0x00,0xE9,0x58,0x2F,0xF8,0xFF]
Global $NoDC2Write[4]=[0xE9,0x94,0xD0,0x07]
Global $NoDC1=0x523905
Global $NoDC2=0x4a686c
Global $IntSpeed=0x56bc06

Wanting to write $NoDC1Write into the Address $NoDC1, same for $NoDC2.

Hiyoal :)

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