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_GUICtrlListView_FindText returns -1 on Vista(x64), works on XP

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I'm trying to see if a certain text string exists in the CtrlList from a specific application.

Here's the code:

#Include <GuiListView.au3>
    $handle = ControlGetHandle ("My Application", "List", 103 )
    $i = _GUICtrlListView_FindText ($handle, "some_text")
    MsgBox (4160, "Information", "Target Item Index: " & $i & " Target Handle: " & $handle)

On XP SP2 (32-bit): both $handle and $i have a positive value (works).

On Vista RTM (64-bit): $handle has the correct value, but $i always returns -1. This implies that it does find the application, so it's purely _GUICtrlListView_FindText that fails.

I don't know if it's limited to the 64-bit edition specifically or Vista as a whole. All I know is that the AutoIt Window Info Tool information is the same on XP and Vista, hence the correct $handle. But on Vista it's never able to find the text (-1).

Feel free to comment :)

Update: thought I'd add that on both OS's I run the app using an admin account and on the Vista machine UAC is disabled.

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Don't have a Vista 64 bit to test on at the moment, only had a Vista 32 bit and it worked fine for Control Panel in classic view.

I'll install Vista 32-bit in a VM and test it later.. Will report back.

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