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GUI With Multiple Choices

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I need to create a GUI that has 4 buttons, each with different custom Text.

Is there a way to assign a function name or signifier of some sort to each button so that the button specific function can later be placed into the base function to be called on?

For example:

Func start()
      While 1       
        Global $show = 0
        Global $target = 0x6a0706
        MouseClick("Right", 652, 421, 1, 0)
        Attack()                ;<====== Will be different depending on User Button Input
        If $show > 0 then ExitLoop

I need 4 GUI buttons that will replace the function call "Attack()" with Attack1(), Attack2(), Attack3(), and Attack4() as they are all different.

Maybe if each button was assigned a name you could use If $button1 = _______ then Attack1()

I'm not sure though, have never done any work with GUIs so i have come to the forums for help!

Thanks in Advance everyone.


smile.gif, Let me reword this.

I want 4 Buttons in a Pop Up Window, and depending on which button you press it will "Replace" Attack() in the script with a specified function, designed specifically for each button.

The idea is that the Func Start() script is still there, however depending on which button is pressed when the script reaches the attack() step, i would like it to be 4 different things depending on the button pressed at the beggining. The GUI button selector would have to pop up as soon as you opened the .Au3/.Exe script, and the the program will start running with your selection placed in the Func start() where Attack() currently is.

Hope this makes a little more sense xD.

Edited by Rydextillxixdiex

...will never learn all there is to know about autoit, no worries...i came to the forums :)

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Please don't double post

I need to create a GUI that has 4 buttons, each with different custom Text.

as I stated in the EDIT of your other post

After reading your other post.. Use Koda Form Designer ( its in the Scite tools menu) to design the layout of your GUI



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