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Is this a bug or am I just missing something?

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Can someone please try this code?, it is supposed to give me more than just "0|2" in the message box.

I think that if I initialize a variable as a string, I can't assign it number values, unless they are inserted as a string, am I right?

So when I do $c = $b where $b = 0, it is just ignoring it?

Thanks for the help.

$a = 0
$b = 0
$c = ""
For $a = 0 to 2
    For $i = 0 to 4
        $b = 0
            Case $c = ""
                $c = $b
            Case $c <> "" And $i = 0
                $c = $c & "|" & $a & "|" & $b
            Case Else
                $c = $c & "|" & $b
$c = $c & "|" & ($a - 1)
MsgBox(0, "What the Hell", $c)

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u have a case for when $c is nothing and then $c is not nothing, when will it ever be anything else?

To answer your quetion try converting your numerical values to strings.

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