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How to get a window size during WM_SIZING

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Once that happens, it's too late for what I'm trying to do. I need to get the size of the grey border BEFORE you let go of the mouse


Ah, I found a LazyCat script that I was able to modify to do it. Here's what I did:

GUIRegisterMsg(0x0214, "moving")
Func moving($hWnd, $Msg, $wParam, $lParam)
    Local $pos = DllStructCreate("uint;uint;int;int;int;int;uint", $lParam)
    $string = ""
    For $i = 0 to 6
        $string&=$i & ": " & DllStructGetData($pos, $i) & @CRLF
        GUICtrlSetData($edit, $i, "append")
    GUICtrlSetData($edit, $string)

Now I just need to find out how to manipulate that size...

Does anyone know how to do that?


Pssh, that was in LazyCat's script too.

Thanks for you help LazyCat!

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