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"var" in "for" syntax problems

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Ok heres the basics.

I've been looking for a sample playing program for a while but then it hit me. Make one!

Now this all started well but some of the people i dj with started asking if they could have a copy ect.... no problem with that but it needed tidying and making so anyone could use it.

This is what i have so far, the problem i have is opening the files through the for statment.

#include <GUIConstants.au3>
#include <Sound.au3>
#include <array.au3>

$inifile = @WorkingDir & "\settings.ini"

$keys = IniReadSection ( $inifile, "keys" )

_ArrayDisplay ( $keys )

For $i = 1 To $keys[0][0]
    MsgBox(4096, $keys[$i][0], $keys[$i][1])
    HotKeySet ( "!" & $keys[$i][0], "_play" & $i )
    MsgBox(4096, $keys[$i][0], "_play" & $i)
        $play & $i = _SoundOpen ( $keys[$i][1] )   <<<<<<--------- Errors here

$Form1 = GUICreate("Client", 238, 121, 193, 125)

While 1
func _play1 ( )
    _SoundPlay($play[1] , 0 )
    $play[1] = _SoundOpen ( $keys[$i][1] )

func _play2 ( )
    _SoundPlay($play[2] , 0 )
    $play[2] = _SoundOpen ( $keys[$i][1] )

I hope you can see what im trying todo and point me the way i need to go.


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What the heck are you trying to do? "$play & $i = _SoundOpen( $keys[$i][1] )" makes no sense. Perhaps you are trying to call one of your _play# functions? If so you should do it like: Call("_play" & $i). Other than that, you are going to have to explain what exactly you are trying to do here.

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ok. this is what im trying to get it to do.

The way the program sould work is that any time a ALT + key is pressed it should play a sample or ident thats been set to it via the ini file.

So from the start it reads the ini file


Sets up the hotkeys that are needed and then loads the samples using the _SoundOpen func.

The part at the start of the _SoundOpen command is to set the name it calls to play the preloaded sound. Im going to put the func's in for all they possible keys once its working, but the $play & $i tells it which sound.

so $play & $i should tell it to play the sound linked with the key pressed.

Hope that makes it a little easyer


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I guess you want to use an Array for every Sound ID from every File you have in the ini.

But you missed the right syntax for creating Arrays.

You cant concatenate (join) two variables in the way you did. Thats only possible with Strings.

$play & $i = "SoundID"oÝ÷ Ù«­¢+ØíI¥¡Ðè(ÀÌØíÁ±äôÅÕ½ÐíM½Õ¹%ÅÕ½ÐìµÀìÀÌØíoÝ÷ Ø­¶¬ÂíéiÊ°Ør¢êé®åzk(ÈhÃ*.-¢è¥êåÊëºÚÊÆ®¶­sb6æ6ÇVFRfÇC´uT6öç7FçG2æS2fwC°¢6æ6ÇVFRfÇCµ6÷VæBæS2fwC°¢6æ6ÇVFRfÇC¶'&æS2fwC° ¢b33c¶æfÆRÒv÷&¶ætF"fײgV÷C²b3#·6WGFæw2æægV÷C° ¢b33c¶¶W2Òæ&VE6V7Föâb33c¶æfÆRÂgV÷C¶¶W2gV÷C² ¥ô'&F7Æb33c¶¶W2 ¤FÒb33c·Æ²b33c¶¶W5³Õ³ÕÒ²7&VFRâ'&vò22×V6VÆVÖVçG22æ¶W0 ¤f÷"b33c¶ÒFòb33c¶¶W5³Õ³Ð¢×6t&÷CbÂb33c¶¶W5²b33c¶Õ³ÒÂb33c¶¶W5²b33c¶Õ³Ò¢÷D¶W6WBgV÷C²b333²gV÷C²fײb33c¶¶W5²b33c¶Õ³ÒÂgV÷Cµ÷ÆgV÷C²fײb33c¶¢×6t&÷CbÂb33c¶¶W5²b33c¶Õ³ÒÂgV÷Cµ÷ÆgV÷C²fײb33c¶¢b33c·Æ²b33c¶ÒÒõ6÷VæD÷Vâb33c¶¶W5²b33c¶Õ³Ò²76væærFR6÷VæBBFò'&VÆVÖVçBb33c¶¢æW@ ¢b33c´f÷&ÓÒuT7&VFRgV÷C´6ÆVçBgV÷C²Â#3Â#Â2Â#R¤uT6WE7FFR5uõ4õr ¥vÆR¢6ÆVW¥tVæ@ ¦gVæ2÷Æb33cµ4ç"²W6RFRb33cµ4ç"&ÖWFW"FòFVÆÂFRgVæ7Föâv66÷VæB÷RvçBFòW6P¢bb33cµ4ç"fwC²V&÷VæBb33c·ÆÓFVâ²Ö¶R7W&RFB÷RFöçB6ÆÂç6÷VæBv6v6çBâFRæ¢×6t&÷ÃÂgV÷C´W'&÷#¢F26÷VæB6çB&VVâÆöFVBgV÷C²¢&WGW&à¢VæF`¢õ6÷VæEÆb33c·Æ²b33cµ4ç%Ò£·âb33c·Æ²b33cµ4ç%ÒÒõ6÷VæD÷Vâb33c¶¶W5²b33c¶Õ³Ò²÷RFöçBæVVBFò&VÆöBFR6÷VæB÷R§W7BÆVBâ÷RÇ&VGfRÆöFVBBâFRf÷"Æö÷¤VæDgVæ0

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Arrays have always caused me problems, never have got the hang of them.

I have tried your code but its still having problems, im looking through to see if i can work it out but as i said arrays have never liked me!

As for reloading the sound, i found i needed to before with my old code.

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ok its all working but im getting an error on the HotKeySet, it needs to pass the key pressed onto the func

HotKeySet ( "!" & $keys[$i][0], "_play"($keys[$i][0])" )

func _play ($SNr); use the $SNr parameter to tell the function which sound you want to use
    if $SNr > Ubound($play)-1 then; Make sure that you dont call any sound which wasnt in the ini
        MsgBox(0,0,"Error: this Sound hasnt been loaded")
    _SoundPlay($play[$SNr] , 0 )
;~  $play[$SNr] = _SoundOpen ( $keys[$i][1] ); You dont need to reload the Sound you just played. You already have loaded it in the For Loop

Can anyone give me a clue on the correct syntax for this?

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