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(solved) Problems using ConsoleRead() to read input

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I'm trying to make a command line utility that will read input from the console that it was called from, and write output back to the console.

I have the following code:

;Reads console input and outputs message box

ConsoleWrite("Please enter data:")
$console = ConsoleRead()
$buttoncode = MsgBox(2, "From console I read", $console)
If $buttoncode = 3 Then
    $button = "abort"
ElseIf $buttoncode = 4 Then
    $button = "retry"
ElseIf $buttoncode = 5 Then
    $button = "ignore"
ConsoleWrite(@CRLF & "The " & $button & " button was pressed in the Msgbox." & @CRLF)

When run from Scite it runs as expected. In the Output Pane at the bottom of Scite "Please enter data:" appears, any text typed within 6 seconds will appear in the Msgbox, and the pressed msgbox button will appear in the Output pane.

When compiled to an .exe, the program will accept input only if piped into it.

Echo test message | console.exe

If the program is just launched as console.exe, and keys are typed on the keyboard, the Msgbox will appear blank, and pressed keys are passed back to cmd when the script terminates.

Is there anyway to get ConsoleRead() to read keyboard input?

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The command shell "DOS Box" is not a "console" in the meaning of ConsoleRead() and ConsoleWrite(). As you found, the console at the bottom of SciTE is a "console" for this purpose.

When you compile as a console (non-GUI) application, ConsoleRead() connects to STDIN and ConsoleWrite() connects to STDOUT. Now you can see ConsoleWrite() data through STDOUT show up on the "DOS Box", but what is typed in there does not go to STDIN for ConsoleRead() to see unless you ECHO it or pipe it there.

Confusing, ain't it?


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So no way to easily link the keyboard input in a "DOS box" to STDIN?

Sigh, I guess I'll try a workaround like listening on a local TCP port and telneting in.

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Found a solution to this. Using FileOpen("con")


Got there from this post:


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