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I'm trying use Skype API via Skype4COM.dll and so far everything works fine, except for one thing: whenever I start skype via the skype4com object I have to put the script in sleep for a few seconds until skype fully started, because if I don't do that, script dies with the error message Posted Image

Why in the world AU3 would kill the script instead of put error code into @Error or something is beyond my very limited understanding...

Here is the code:

$oSkype = ObjCreate("Skype4COM.Skype")

; Wait untill skype is started
While NOT $oSkype.Client.IsRunning

; Connect to the Skype API:


As you can see, the script will "pause" until skype is started, that part is working, but apparently there is a few seconds gap before skype is able accept plugin attachments after its started...and that gap will probably vary depend on system speed...

So, anyway avoid this problem without placing the script into sleep? (sleep is only a work around and not 100% error proof in this case)

Thank you.

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Add the COM Error Handling in your script and you get what you are asking.

Its documented quite well in the Helpfile. :)


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