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ControlSend question

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I'm sure this is a stupid question--but I spent the entire day yesterday trying to figure out how to close Textpad and Notepad from this script.

According to AUtoIT v3 Windows Info the controlID is 59548 for TextPad - [Document1]. For Notepad ControlID is 15. I do see when running the command "!F" appears to quickly popping up the ALT F menu, but it will never execute the "X" to close the program. I can manually do ALT F, and then X and all closes ok.. Why won't these script work?

ControlSend("TextPad - [Document1]", "", "[iD:59648]", "!FX")

Same problem with Notepad example.

ControlSend("Untitled - Notepad", "", "15", "!FX")

Thanks in advance!

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