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; 49°3'17.843" --> 49.05495639
Func dms2dd($dms)
    $hh = StringSplit($dms, '°') ; 49°3'17.843"
    $mm = StringSplit($hh[2], "'") ; 3'17.843"
    $ss = StringSplit($mm[2], '"') ; 17.843"

    ; $hh[1]=49  $mm[1]=3  $ss[1]=17.843
    Return $hh[1] + $mm[1]/60 + $ss[1]/3600

It could be used for conversion of GPS or time (HH:MM:SS) to decimal numbers.

Note: Whole hours must be given also with minutes and seconds like that: ; 49°0'0" --> 49.0

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