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More general Windows OS questing regarding FileGetSize

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OK, here's the sample code.

 Dim $tSize=0, $tOutput='', $tFile = @ScriptDir&'\wget.log'
 $hFile = _APIFileOpen($tFile)
 While ProcessExists('wget.exe')
    $nSize = FileGetSize($tFile)
    If $nSize <> $tSize Then
                If $tSize > $nSize Then $tSize = 0
        _APIFileSetPos($hFile, $tSize)
        $Tmp = _APIFileRead($hFile, $nSize - $tSize)
        If @error <> 0 Then
            $tOutput = $tOutput & $Tmp
            $tOutput = StringRight($tOutput, StringLen($tOutput) - StringInStr($tOutput, @LF, 0, -10))
            GUICtrlSetData($Edit1, $tOutput)
            $tSize = $nSize

While wget is working and logging, the size of the logfile is checked. Very often, the changes of the filesize are not recognized and it keeps telling the old filesize. About 5-20 (?) seconds the filesize is constant, although I can see that the file is changing if I use a tail executable to monitor it. So there has to be a change, since each letters must eat up one byte. I also tried another diskspace-utiliy named du and parsed the output, put surprise, surprise, it did not work either. So it seems to be a general issue.

I use WinXP Pro with the latest updates and AutoIt 3.2.10. The install is a few days old. That's all. I even uninstalled avira to see if the guard-software was blocking the script, but that's not the case.

Does anyone have an idea what could cause that problem? It seems kind of fishy.

It does work correctly if use stderrread on wget and I might/will use it, but this kind of bugs me.

Best regards


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