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ListView & Tab controls

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I have a tab control created with GUICtrlCreateTab.

I need a ListView, and originally tried using GUICtrlCreateListView... but I also need a way to delete all ListViewItems without knowing how many items there are... (they're created dynamically) so I used _GUICtrlListView_Create instead, so I could make use of _GUICtrlListView_DeleteAllItems.

Trouble is, while GUICtrlCreateListView will obey my tab control interaction, _GUICtrlListView_Create will not. So...

1) is there a way to delete all ListView Items (without knowing how many there are) in a ListView created with GUICreateListView?


2) how can I make a ListView created with _GUICtrlListView_Create coexist with, and respond to interaction with a tab control?

(caveat... the tab control is heavily in use so far, so if I can get away with it, I'd rather not have to recode it to be created with _GUICtrlTab_Create)



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