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Adding A Progress Bar

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I know the you use ProgressOn(), ProgressSet(), and ProgressOff() to add a progress bar to something, but I just cant figure out how to add one in this situation.

This script goes out to network computers and sees if there are files in a certain folder on each machine, there are a total of 88 computers and that is how many lines are in the document it reads the names from, I figured this would be a good way to base the progress.

#Include <File.au3>
#Include <Array.au3>
FileInstall("C:\Documents and Settings\OvittKe\My Documents\scripts\ADR\Names.txt", @ScriptDir & "\", 1)
FileInstall("C:\Documents and Settings\OvittKe\My Documents\scripts\ADR\tada.wav", @ScriptDir & "\", 1)
$count = 0
$PC_File = FileOpen("Names.txt",0)

ProgressOn("ADR FTP SCAN", "Percent Complete", "Progress",16)
    $Line_Number = _FileCountLines("Names.txt") ;Number of lines in Names.txt
While True
        $CompName = FileReadLine($PC_File) ;Reads the computer name from Names.txt
            If @error = -1 Then 
                $count = $count+1
        $Files = _FileListToArray("\\"&$CompName&"\c$\adr\data")
        If @error = 1 Then
            $Files_Re = _FileListToArray("\\"&$CompName&"\c$\adr\data")
                If @error = 1 Then
                    $PingValue = ping($compName) 
                    If $PingValue = 0 Then
                        MsgBox(0, "Error", "Unable to connenct to Machine "&$CompName&"!")
            If @error <> 4 Then
                If $Files[0] >= 10 Then
                    MsgBox(1,"ADR FTP", "The Machine "&$CompName&" is not executing the ftp service.") 
                If Mod($count,10) = 0 Then
                    MsgBox(0,"Update:","Currently Scanning "&$CompName)

MsgBox(0,"Complete","The Scan has succesfully been completed.")

If anyone can give any suggestions that would be great. Thanks a ton!

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You will use ProgressSet() to set the percentage relative to the number computers using $Line_Number + $count.

Lets say $Line_Number = 88

$Percent = ($count / $Line_Number) * 100

If $count is 22 then $Percent =25

If $count is 44 then $Percent = 50


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Wow.. I feel like an idiot for not realizing that...

Thanks soooo Much!! I really appreciate it! :)

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