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need help with utherverse.com rating trainer for adult site

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i am trying to create a script that will automatically goto "http://www.utherverse.com/login.aspx" and will login. after that it will navigate to "http://www.utherverse.com/net/ratepage.aspx" and automatically rate x amount of profiles.

i think i have an understanding of how i want the script, but i am not sure.

  • check for x_setup.ini is installed
  • if so read username and password and pass it to the script
  • if not installed create it and ask for the username and password via gui and save it to x_setup.ini
  • ask what type of rating you wish it to do (profile, blog, pictures)
  • ask how many items to rate
  • ask if i want to sound a beep when done
  • open up internet explorer and navigate to "http://www.utherverse.com/login.aspx"
  • login using the details from the ini file
  • upon logging in, navigate to
  • "http://www.utherverse.com/net/ratepage.aspx" and start auto-rating the x amount of times
  • if done sound beep if set to yes

the problem i am having mainly is that the rating page throws up 2 different types of rating methods randomly. 1 as a drop down and 1 as radio buttons. i want it to check to see which method is being used for that rate.

i have several different starter scripts that i have been working on but nothing working 100%.

can someone please help me put this together?

i have enclosed several files which include: my script; the "http://www.utherverse.com/login.aspx" source code file; "http://www.utherverse.com/net/ratepage.aspx" source code file


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Any help on this or can point me in the right direction....



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Use this instead of you default 'GetLogin()'

Dim $guser, $gpass, $btn, $msg ; Instead of your Local. (Local works, but I need the vars here as well)

$inifile = @TempDir & "\x_setup.ini"
If FileExists($inifile) Then
    $guser = IniRead($inifile, "Username", "key", "-0-")
    $gpass = IniRead($inifile, "Password", "key", "-0-")
    If $guser = "-0-" Or $gpass = "-0-" Then GetLogin()

Seeing the rest of you code, I don't think I need to explain things.

For the site rating part, I would remake the webpage in a local html file without the spam images... I wont test your script with some unknown (to me) website with for all I know, virusses.

But you could use: _IEDocReadHTML to get the source of your found webpage and search with StringRegExp if there is a checkbox, radiobutton or dropdown menu thing on the page.

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