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[Resolved] EnumResourceNames and EnumResNameProc ?

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After poking around at MSDN I recently worked out how to use windows api to extract an icon group from an exe or dll to an *.ico file by using LoadLibraryEX(), FindResource()

(This sounds easy huh.. must admit it took me a while to work out writing the header for the extracted icon , but a bit of byte play saw me clear to getting it working successfully.)

But the problem I'm having is I need to know RT_GROUP_ICON Resource Type name that's in the exe or dll before I can extract the icon.

So in my efforts I thought if I can list the RT_GROUP_ICON Resource Type names that's contained in the exe or dll I can extract the icon I require without error.

I'm having trouble understanding the way to use EnumResourceNames and EnumResNameProc to list the RT_GROUP_ICON names.

I sort of got lost when the EnumResourceNames function required a callback function using EnumResNameProc function.

If anyone could guide me a little in how to use use/translate these functions in autoit then feel free to do so.

(siao your expert knowledge in this type of thing would be greatly appreciated)

Links to the functions:

MSDN: EnumResourceNames Function

MSDN: EnumResNameProc Function


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In its most basic form:

#include <WinAPI.au3>

ConsoleWrite('Enumerating - user32.dll, type=3 (RT_ICON):' & @CRLF)
_ResourceEnumNames(_WinAPI_GetModuleHandle('user32.dll'), 3)
ConsoleWrite('Enumerating - ntbackup.exe, type=10 (RT_RCDATA):' & @CRLF)
_ResourceEnumNames('ntbackup.exe', 10)

Func _ResourceEnumNames($vModule, $iType)
    Local $hModule = $vModule, $aRet, $fLoad = IsString($vModule), $xCB = DllCallbackRegister('___EnumResNameProc','int','int_ptr;int_ptr;int_ptr;int_ptr')
    If $fLoad Then $hModule = _WinAPI_LoadLibrary($vModule)
    $aRet = DllCall('kernel32.dll','int','EnumResourceNamesW', 'ptr',$hModule, 'int',$iType, 'ptr',DllCallbackGetPtr($xCB), 'ptr',0)
    If $fLoad Then _WinAPI_FreeLibrary($hModule)
Func ___EnumResNameProc($vModule, $pType, $pName, $lParam)
    Local $aSize = DllCall('kernel32.dll','int','GlobalSize','ptr',$pName), $tBuf
    If $aSize[0] Then
        $tBuf = DllStructCreate('wchar[' & $aSize[0] & ']', $pName)
        ConsoleWrite(DllStructGetData($tBuf, 1) & @CRLF) ;string ID
        ConsoleWrite($pName & @CRLF) ;integer ID
    Return 1 ;continue enumeration
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A big THANK YOU Siao. :):P

You make it look so simple once you put it like that.

Damn I tried doing the same thing for hours on end and I didn't even come close to getting it right when I look at your example.

Thanks again


Edit: your example should be part of the WinAPI udf.

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