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iTunes OBJ event handling

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Hey i'm doing a simple script which maps a few basic iTunes functions to hotkeys on my notebook. However, every time I close iTunes this pop-up appears saying that a script is attached to it. I know it throws an event when i click the close (X) button and if i am able to catch this event I will close the script before that and the pop-up won't show.

Anyway, there's the script:


Func MyITevents_OnQuittingEvent()
    MsgBox(0,"iTunes closing","Script is also doing that")

Any help is welcome :)

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Something like this should work.

$oiTunes = ObjCreate("iTunes.Application")
$oiTunesEvent = ObjEvent($oiTunes, "_Event_")

Func _Event_OnQuittingEvent()
    ; Do something
EndFunc   ;==>_Event_OnQuittingEvent

It may be worth taking a look at my Absolute Lyrics Finder script, it has a great deal of iTunes automation.

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