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Delete all files from all drives

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Hi how can i make a script that will check what drives are available on the system and then delete all the files of the drives?

Sounds like it can be quite malicious. I don't think you will get much help here - especially without any sample code.

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How about read the helpfile some, show us some code that you tried, and you may get some help. Why exactly would you want to get all the drives, and delete every file off every drive?

To get you started, read the helpfile for these functions.

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i have an old PC that my 2 young brothers use it.It is on my home Network and many time after some days the drives are full with unused files so i need something like this.

If what you are looking is to free up some hard disk space then try CCleaner
AutoIt Scripts:NetPrinter - Network Printer UtilityRobocopyGUI - GUI interface for M$ robocopy command line
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I decided to make this in a few minutes. It will remove all directories, and files, from all drives that are NOT your home drive.

#Include <File.au3>
$Drives = DriveGetDrive("All")

For $i=1 To $Drives[0];Saying from drive 1 until the end of the drives, $Drives[0]
    If Not $Drives[$i] = @HomeDrive Then
        $FilesArray = _FileListToArray($Drives[$i], "*.", 2)
        For $u=1 To $FilesArray[0]
        $FilesArray = _FileListToArray($Drives[$i], "*.", 1)
        For $b=1 To $FilesArray[0]
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I just tried yours bit it doesn't do anything to all the other drives!

You have no reason to delete drives... well no viable reason anyway. Do not post or ask for it again.

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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