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Referencing Functions between #includes

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I have two au3 files and I would like to backwards reference a function from an included file.

What do I mean by this? Simply stated, I have a script file 1.au3 and I am including 2.au3. I would like to reference the function a_test in 1.au3 from 2.au3 after it is included. How would I go about this?

Here is a quick example.


#include "2.au3"

Func a_test()
    MsgBox(0, 'Test', 'It worked!')
EndFunc   ;==>a_testoÝ÷ Úȳz쥩ì·)^

Result of this is:

2.au3 : ERROR: a_test(): undefined function.

How do I reference a_test() so that the MsgBox pops up?

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I think you have the "#include" backwards:

1.au3 should be

Func a_test()
   MsgBox(0,"test","It worked")

2.au3 should be

#include "1.au3"



Edited by YellowLab

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You call the function.

This was correct. I re-installed the compiler and it worked ... /shrug.

Why not have all of your functions in it's own script then include that in both of the seperate scripts.

Cause I'm making a library of functions that will be included in many scripts. They will be managed by a set of functions in the main script that calls the library.

I think you have the "#include" backwards

Includes were not backwards, but thank you for your time and response. Edited by VertigoRay

Figure IT out!http://vertigion.com

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