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Detach if application is idle by CPU process

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Im a bit new to the Autoit world but Im trying to learn. I have started creating a script that will start our application, process a file and once that file is processed open the next one. After each file is processed I check the memory with ProcessGetStats().

Id rather not use sleep() since the time to process can range from 20sec to 2min. Is there an easy way to detect that an application is idle (CPU 0)?

I spend a some time searching and I found _ProcessListProperties()


This seems to get the information but Im not sure how to use it in an If/then situation.

If application is idle CPU O

Then process next file

Else try again later

Edit: Ug...typo on title Detect not detach. Doesn't look like I can edit that

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Use a loop with a very short sleep timeout (you can sleep for 1ms if you'd like - 1/1000th of a second).

;In this example, use _ProcessListProperties() or something comparable to find the value of the CPU load and assign the value to $cpuload.

While 1
    If $cpuload = 0 Then
        ;Do whatever you want to when the cpu load is 0
    Sleep(250) ;sleep for 1/4 of a second - 250ms

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