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How to close opened files

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I use a AutoIt script to connect on remote shares with differents users :

- The first user clicks the "Connect Shared Resources" icon an gives his login and password : DriveMapAdd starts its job and connects on network drives.

- When the user stops to work with the computer, clicks on the "Disconnect Shared Resources" icon to start DriveMapDel.

- The next user can use the computer and connects to the shared resources with his login and password

I have a probleme when a user don't close a file : the DriveMapDel do not work and le next user cannot connect.

I tried to force the deconnection using _WinNet_CancelConnection ( "r:" , True ) : the network drives disconnects, but the files are always opened, so its not possible de reconnect the drive.

My question his : how to list all handles of files or directories currently opened on an drive (R: is my network drive), and how to close all these files and directories (an external program can be included, but only a command line tool)

Thanks for your help

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