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Deleting disabled img ctrl hard crashes AutoIt

Hard Crash?  

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  1. 1. Does the example script cause a AutoIt hard crash in Vista for you?

    • Yes (under Vista)
    • No (under Vista)

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The summary and the following code should be enough to understand the problem. Please take any image file say "example.jpg" and put it in the same directory as the script - if the file does not exist, the crash won't occur - and your result in such a case will be without much purpose.

Global Const $GUI_DISABLE = 128
Local $msg
Local $tp = @TempDir
Local $ginstall = GUICreate("installer",420,375)

Local $b_yes = GUICtrlCreateButton ("Yes",235,335,80,26)
FileInstall("example.jpg",$tp &"\top",1)
Local $i_img = GUICtrlCreatePic ($tp &"\top",0,52,420,270)
GuiCtrlSetState(-1,$GUI_DISABLE) ;$i_img IS NOW DISABLED
While 1
    $msg = GUIGetMsg ()
    Switch $msg
        Case $b_yes
            GUICtrlDelete($i_img) ;CRASH AT THIS POINT


If you are a Vista user, run the above code with an example.jpg file and then press Yes. Please tell me if AutoIt crashes or not - the preferred AutoIt version for testing is

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