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Timed Downloader

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I have a webserver setup at work and rely on some various spreadsheets located on other intranet sites. I have there downloaders activate when windows opens and download the newest file to my server. One day I would like to change the code to look to see if the file has been changed and only download if it has but this will do for now.

Here is my spin on Partypoopers INETDownloader found here: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...=73497&st=0

You need to download Partypoopers UDF INetDownloader.au3 Then here is a timed downloader example...

After downloading the UDF Above, download this into the same folder. Timed Downloader.au3


#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

 AutoIt Version: (beta)
 Author:         Partypooper & Partial code gseller

 Script Function:
 Format for the UDF is as follows:
#include <INetDownloader.au3>
Func _INetDownloader( Web Site, Remote Filename [, Local Filename [, Download Directory [, AutoOverwrite]]] )

#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

#include <INetDownloader.au3>
Global $s_MyWebSite = "[url="http://members.optusnet.com.au/partypooper"]http://members.optusnet.com.au/partypooper[/url]"; authors web address

Sleep (900000) ; 15 minute timer 1=60000, 2=120000  ,3=180000  ,5=300000  ,10=600000  ,15=900000  ,20=1200000
Call ('OnDownloadFile')

Func OnDownloadFile()
  _INetDownloader($s_MyWebSite, "In-Game Timing Utility.exe", -1, @ScriptDir)

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For Grins & Giggles.. LOL Not really sure, just slung it in there. Ya could just as easily put the function. muttley

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