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Okay, stop looping now

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I have two arrays.

This is array #1 ($MP3Array):

[0] 3

[1] testaudio01

[2] testaudio02

[3] tesaudio03

This is array #2 ($WrecArray):

[0] 3

[1] testaudio02

[2] testaudio03

[3] testaudio05

I want to search each item in array #2 to see if it matches an item in array #1. I can do that with this function:

Func WhatCanBurn()
    ; go through each index in the mp3 array and see if it has a corresponding wrec 
    LogIt("Arrays sorted")
    ;_ArrayDisplay($MP3Array, "mp3")
    ;_ArrayDisplay($WrecArray, "wrec")
    LogIt("Searching for MP3s with corresponding wrecs")
    $CannotBurnArray = _ArrayCreate(0)
    For $i = 1 to $MP3Array[0]
        For $j = 1 to $WrecArray[0]
            If $MP3Array[$i] = $WrecArray[$j] Then
                LogIt("MATCH!: " & $MP3Array[$i] & " matches " & $WrecArray[$j] & " -- cannot burn this mp3")
                _ArrayAdd($CannotBurnArray, $MP3Array[$i])
                $CannotBurnArray[0] = $CannotBurnArray[0] + 1
                LogIt("No match with " & $MP3Array[$i] & " & " & $WrecArray[$j])
        $NoBurn = 0
    _ArrayDisplay($CannotBurnArray, "cannot burn")

It seems to work too - it deletes the items from $MP3Array. But I can't get it to stop! It seems to be trying to find/delete things even after it has reached the limit of the array.

Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded.:

If $MP3Array[$i] = $CannotBurnArray[$j] Then


This is something really really simple but I can't figure it out! I'm using pretty much the same process to compare two arrays in my first function (WhatCanBurn), and I have combed through both functions trying to find what I'm doing wrong, and I have mixed around some lines of code and some numbers but still can't get it to work. Maybe someone here has better eyes for this sort of thing? muttley

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When you are deleting things from an array, walk it in REVERSE so deleting one index does not impact the next ones you check:

For $i = $MP3Array[0] To 1 Step -1
        For $j = 1 To $CannotBurnArray[0]
            ; ...the rest of the code


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Sweet, thanks for that!

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