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Help a newbie :P

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Hey guys, im new to this, im trying to figure out how to wright a script where i push a button and it in sequence press's like 4 other buttons

something like when i push the 8 button, and then it makes the 4, 7, 0, and 2 go down in that sequence.

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This is a fairly simple task.. if you go through the tutorials provided by autoit, then I'm sure you will be able to acomplish this..

Good luck! :)

I would help but I dont have time muttley I am at work

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You would need HotKeySet() and Send() or ControlSend()

building on that, u would use somethin like,

hotkeyset("8", Name_Of_Function)

then make a function that sends those keys like,

Func sequence()

or replace the send function with whatever code you want to execute

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you would probably want to use _IsPressed or set the key to something that you dont use (like F9) in stead of HotKeySet because HotKeySet would make the initial key that you need to press not work as a key.

Like this

#include "Misc.au3"
While 1
    If $active=0 Then
        If _IsPressed(38) Then ;38 is the 8 key, and 34 is the 4 key

This way the 8 registers as a keypress and is part of the sequence. if you dont want 8 to be part of the sequence replace _IsPressed(38) with _IsPressed(34) and Send("4702") with Send("702")

For a file with constants on what keys are what, use MiscConstants.au3

Edit:added code example

Edit2:added link to misc constants

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