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problem with lag using a script

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I have a problem when i try to execute this script while playing the game 'Diablo II' in full screen mode, Anyother time i try to run it, it works just fine.

When i run the script, i can go to task manager and its taking up basicly 99% Cpu usage, and if i maximize d2 it freezes everything untill i hit {DEL}

Here is the script

HotKeySet("{Home}", "Go")

HotKeySet("{Del}", "lol")




Func Go()

Mouseclick ("left", 664, 356, 1, 50)

MouseClick ("left", 313, 329, 1, 50)

Mouseclick ("left", 636, 358, 1, 50)

MouseClick ("left", 284, 329, 1, 50)

Mouseclick ("left", 607, 356, 1, 50)

MouseClick ("left", 256, 328, 1, 50)

Mouseclick ("left", 578, 358, 1, 50)

MouseClick ("left", 225, 330, 1, 50)

Mouseclick ("left", 549, 356, 1, 50)

MouseClick ("left", 197, 328, 1, 50)

Mouseclick ("left", 520, 356, 1, 50)

MouseClick ("left", 168, 328, 1, 50)

Mouseclick ("left", 492, 356, 1, 50)

MouseClick ("left", 168, 243, 1, 50)

Mouseclick ("left", 463, 357, 1, 50)

MouseClick ("left", 196, 243, 1, 50)

Mouseclick ("left", 665, 357, 1, 50)


Func lol()



I use to be able to use this script while on D2 before with a older version of i think, but now it just makes my game freeze and the script runs @ 99% cpu usage when i press {HOME}

anyway to fix this ?

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Try making your loop this:

While 1
Edited by Paulie

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Oh i tryed a bunch of different loop's





none of them seemed to help it, as soon as i pressed {HOME}, the game would freeze untill i hit {DEL}

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add a sleep between each mouseclick.

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