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Help! need to use input answer!

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here is my prompt

#Region --- CodeWizard generated code Start ---
;InputBox features: Title=Yes, Prompt=Yes, Default Text=Yes, Input Length=16, Pwd Char=*, TimeOut=60 ss, Mandatory
If Not IsDeclared("sInputBoxAnswer") Then Local $sInputBoxAnswer
$sInputBoxAnswer = InputBox("Warbot","Inorder for warbot to login it needs your Warrock Account password. Please type it in here","password","*M16","-1","-1","-1","-1","60")
    Case @Error = 0;OK - The string returned is valid

    Case @Error = 1;The Cancel button was pushed

    Case @Error = 2;The Timeout time was reached

    Case @Error = 3;The InputBox failed to open

#EndRegion --- CodeWizard generated code End ---

It starts when the .exe starts

im trying to make the AUTOIT script use the input answer the user gave it, when it trys to login.

If Not WinActive("WarRock","") Then WinActivate("WarRock","")
Send("sInputBoxAnswer") - RIGHT HERE![/color]

What Code can i put right there for AUTOIT to send the Inputanswer?

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If read it right try this:


/edit b/c I've got time....

You do:


If you want to send the text sInputBoxAnswer

You do:


If you want to send that variable (whatever $sInputBoxAnswer ='s)

*Note there are no "" b/c its not a string (normal text) its a variable (='s something else).

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