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Retrieve language info from file

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I am trying to retrieve the language info from a dll file similar to the way a files version is retrieved using FileGetVersion. I can see the info I want on the version tab of the file but I am unable to read it via AutoIt.

I have need to read the \VarFileInfo\Translation block of the files resource data to get the decimal for the language I can then use it to change to the language locale but I don't know how to do it. Windows obviously does it so it maybe an API call as it also converts it to the locale.

Does anyone know how to do this?.


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Have you tried FileGetVersion("your.dll", "DefaultLangCodepage") ?

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Have you tried FileGetVersion("your.dll", "DefaultLangCodepage") ?

Damn that was fast :-). I hadn't tried it but I have now and it works, I have looked at the FilegetVersion help section a few times but always missed the special strings, thanks SKruge

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If your trying to see what languages a resource type in a dll contains (eg: RT_ICON, RT_FONT, $RT_STRING .. etc)

Then you can use EnumResourceLanguages() or EnumResourceLanguagesEx().

#include <WinAPI.au3>

Global Const $RT_CURSOR = 1
Global Const $RT_BITMAP = 2
Global Const $RT_ICON = 3
Global Const $RT_MENU = 4
Global Const $RT_DIALOG = 5
Global Const $RT_STRING = 6
Global Const $RT_FONTDIR = 7
Global Const $RT_FONT = 8
Global Const $RT_ACCELERATOR = 9
Global Const $RT_RCDATA = 10
Global Const $RT_MESSAGETABLE = 11
Global Const $RT_GROUP_CURSOR = 12
Global Const $RT_GROUP_ICON = 14
Global Const $RT_VERSION = 16
Global Const $RT_DLGINCLUDE = 17
Global Const $RT_PLUGPLAY = 19
Global Const $RT_VXD = 20
Global Const $RT_ANICURSOR = 21
Global Const $RT_ANIICON = 22
Global Const $RT_HTML = 23
Global Const $RT_MANIFEST = 24

$hModule = _WinAPI_LoadLibrary("shell32.dll")
_EnumResourceLanguages($hModule, $RT_VERSION, 1)

Func _EnumResourceLanguages($hModule, $pType, $pName)
    Local $aRet, $xCB
    If Not IsPtr($hModule) Then Return SetError(1, 0, 0)
    $xCB = DllCallbackRegister('___EnumResLangProc', 'int', 'int_ptr;int_ptr;int_ptr;int_ptr;int_ptr')
    $aRet = DllCall('kernel32.dll', 'int', 'EnumResourceLanguagesW', 'ptr', $hModule, 'int', $pType, 'int', $pName, 'ptr', DllCallbackGetPtr($xCB), 'ptr', 0)
    If $aRet[0] <> 1 Then Return SetError(2, 0, 0)
    Return SetError(0, 0, 1)

Func ___EnumResLangProc($hModule, $pType, $pName, $wIDLanguage, $lParam)
    Local $aSize = DllCall('kernel32.dll', 'int', 'GlobalSize', 'ptr', $wIDLanguage)
    ConsoleWrite($wIDLanguage & @LF)
    Return 1

If you need to find what resource types are in the file then you can use EnumResourceTypes() or EnumResourceTypesEx().

If you need to find out what resource names are in the file then you can use EnumResourceNames() or EnumResourceNamesEx().

More info on Resource functions here MSDN


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