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perm bind numpad to calc

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I'm working on a program to bind all of the numpad keys to activate calculator, send the keypress, and then reactivate the previous window -- The problem is that, generally, I can enter numbers on the keypad faster than windows switches back and forth. I would like to make my script stall before switching back to the previous window. Ideally, I would want it to wait until no key has been pressed for a set amount of time (500 ms?). Here's what I'm doing now:

Func num1()
;**Here is where I would like the user to be able to type whatever as much as they'd like w/o the program doing anything until it has been 500 ms since they're last keypress.  if there is a 500ms break w/o any keys pressed, the program will continue on.**

What do you think?

Also, I'm primarily using this to work in excel -- punching in spreadsheets and doing occasional calculations that need entered into cells. I've found with what I have, though, that all of my hotkeys work in switching to calc and back, except numpadenter just moves down a cell in excel. help?

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I'm not sure about your numpad enter key problem, but for the 500ms timeout take a look at _Timer_SetTimer() in the help file.

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This isn't quite what you wanted, but it could work...

Press numlock to show and hide calculator

HotKeySet("{NUMLOCK}", "Calc")

If NOT ProcessExists("Calc.exe") then Run("calc.exe")

While 1
Func GetNumLock()
    Local $ret
    $ret = DllCall("user32.dll","long","GetKeyState","long",144)
    If Abs($ret[0]) = 127 then Return 1
    Return 0

Func Calc()
    Switch GetNumLock()
        Case 1
            WinSetState("Calculator", "", @SW_SHOW)
        Case 0
            WinSetState("Calculator", "", @SW_HIDE)

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thanks to both of you guys!


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