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Regex - negative Lookbehind

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following problem:

I want to check a string of occurence of a word (i.e. appel).


Is the word inside a quoted string (with ' or ") shouldn't match.

Before match, but also before quoted string, can be written other chars.

Match for the word (insensitiv): "(?i)appel"

Now negativ Lookbehind (because quotes): "(?<!['\x22])(?i)appel"

It works fine.

appel are found in: xyz 123 Appel

not found in: 'Appel xyz OR xyz 'Appel ==> BUT

also found in: ' Appel xyz

Thats why:

No qoutes AND (optional) no other chars behind opening quotes.

OK, now i use following pattern:


With external programm (RegexBuddy) it works, but no match with AutoIt.

I've also tested:


and it's also fails only in AutoIt.

Any Ideas?

Global $s[4] = ["xyz 123 Appel","'Appel xyz","  Appel xyz",'xyz " Appel']
For $i = 0 To UBound($s) -1
    ConsoleWrite($s[$i] & ' = ' & @TAB & StringRegExp($s[$i], "(?<!(['\x22](.+?)|['\x22]))(?i)appel") & @CRLF)
Edited by BugFix

Best Regards BugFix  

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Have a look at the syntax description for PCRE if you can see what's giving the trouble you face.

If I understood the help file correctly, PCRE the "RegEx-Engine" used by autoit.

A link to that URL is provided in the help file, topic "StringRegExp", just above the table, the paragraph "Complete description can be found here"

Regards, Rudi.

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