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Need some help , easy for you , hard for me!

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Ok i made myself a script for clicking moving mouse and i added some delay, Now i need to put a super bank of sentences ( i ll make it later) into the script then i need to know how to make the script pick a random sentence then make it write it like if someone was using the keyboard.

I' m a begginer dont be rude :' (

i do my best.

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Hmmm... look in the helpfile for these three functions:

Send - used to send text

_ArrayAdd - create an array, look at the example for this function

Random - Generate a random number, the number will be used to as an index to get an item from your array.

Here's a starter:

Local $avArray[10]

$avArray[0] = "JPM"
$avArray[1] = "Holger"
$avArray[2] = "Jon"
$avArray[3] = "Larry"
$avArray[4] = "Jeremy"
$avArray[5] = "Valik"
$avArray[6] = "Cyberslug"
$avArray[7] = "Nutster"
$avArray[8] = "JdeB"
$avArray[9] = "Tylo"

$index = Random(0, 9, 1); Generates and interger from 0 to 9
Msgbox(0, '$index = ' & $index, $avArray[$index])

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I scare my teacher with this

$String="Hello, I'm Ghost !!!"
For $i=1 to Ubound($Array)-1

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