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PixelSearch-Mouseclick help

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Hi everyone,

I have a small problem, i'm trying to make a quick macro to actually just click on something coloured, then sleeping, and try to click on the same color somewhere else.

Here's my try:

$mob = "0x8D7A6B"; Je déclare la couleur de mon mob - That's the colour i'd like to clik

$pixelSearch=PixelSearch(0,0,@DesktopWidth,@DesktopHeight,$mob);Je recherche la couleur sur l'écran (size desktop) - searching for the pixel, desktop size 1680x1050

If IsArray($pixelSearch)=1 Then;Si la couleur à été trouvé, then - if the colour have been found, then
MouseClick("left",$pixelSearch[200],$pixelSearch[1],1,0);Je click gauche sur le pixel trouvé, position éxacte - then left click on the pixel found
Sleep 1000


Well when i try this, it launch, but nothing happens and it stops, i think i have to make this looping, and then see what's happening IG, any clues of how could i do that?

Every advice would be helpfull, thanks!

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Shouldn't the code read:


Were you getting a subscript error?


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Maybe this will work for you?

HotKeySet("{Esc}", "ExitScript")

$mob = 0x8D7A6B

While 1

    If IsArray($pixelSearch) Then
        MouseClick("primary", $pixelSearch[0], $pixelSearch[1], 1, 0)
        ConsoleWrite(@HOUR & ":" & @MIN & ":" & @SEC & ": " & "Color 0x" & Hex($mob) & " was not found." & @CRLF)

Func ExitScript()

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