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Bar Graph

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A recent thread came up asking for a bar graph. I figured it would be kinda cool to have a udf to make bar graphs from an array of data.

Its kind of difficult to make it fully customizable, but here is a basic concept that someone could expand upon if they want muttley

#include <GuiConstantsEx.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>
#include <StaticConstants.au3>
#include <Array.au3>

Dim $Array[12][3]
$Months = StringSplit("January,Febuary,March,April,May,June,July,August,Setpember,October,November,December",",")
Dim $Colors[3] = [0xFF0000,0x00FF00,0x0000FF]
For $i = 0 to UBound($Months)-1
$Array[$i][0] = $Months[$i]
$Array[$i][1] = $Colors[Random(0, 3)]
$Array[$i][2] = Random(100,300,1)
GUICreate("TEST", 800,400)
GuiCtrlCreateBarGraph($Array, 0,0)
While 1

Func GuiCtrlCreateBarGraph($Information, $Left, $Top, $Width=800, $Height=400, $Scale=1)
    $AxisColor = 0x000000
    ; $Array[x][0] = Column Name
    ; $Array[x][1] = Column Color
    ; $Array[x][2] = Value1
    If Not IsArray($Information) Or Not UBound($Information,0) = 2 or not UBound($Information,2) >= 3 then Return SetError(1 , "", -1)
    $Graphic = GUICtrlCreateGraphic($Left,$Top, $Width, $Height)
    $ItemBound = UBound($Information)
    $OffSet = 17
    GUICtrlSetGraphic($Graphic, $GUI_GR_PENSIZE, 2)
    GUICtrlSetGraphic($Graphic, $GUI_GR_COLOR, $AxisColor)
    GUICtrlSetGraphic($Graphic, $GUI_GR_MOVE, $Left+$Offset, $Top + $Height - $Offset)
    GUICtrlSetGraphic($Graphic, $GUI_GR_LINE, $Left + $Width, $Top + $Height -$Offset)
    GUICtrlSetGraphic($Graphic, $GUI_GR_MOVE, $Left+$Offset, $Top)
    GUICtrlSetGraphic($Graphic, $GUI_GR_LINE, $Left + $Offset, $Top + $Height -$Offset)
    $Spacing = $Width / $ItemBound +1
    $ColWidth = $Spacing / 2
    $BaseLabel_TPos = $Top+$Height-($OffSet-5)
    For $x = 1 to $ItemBound-1
        $LeftPos = $Spacing*($X) - $Offset
        $TopPos = ($Top + $Height)-$Offset - ($Information[$x][2] * $Scale)
        $ColHeight = $Top+$Height - $TopPos-$Offset
        GUICtrlSetGraphic($Graphic, $GUI_GR_COLOR, $Information[$x][1],$Information[$x][1])
        GUICtrlSetGraphic($Graphic, $GUI_GR_RECT, $LeftPos, $TopPos,$ColWidth,$ColHeight)
        $Label_LPos = $Spacing*($X) - $Offset
        $Label_TPos = $TopPos - 17
        GUICtrlCreateLabel($Information[$x][0], $Label_LPos, $BaseLabel_TPos,$Spacing,$OffSet-5)
        GUICtrlCreateLabel($Information[$x][2], $Label_LPos, $Label_TPos, $Spacing-5, 17)
Edited by Paulie

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Nice work!

To display graphics within an AutoIt GUI you may probably also have a look to imbed one of the (flash) graphic engines here. :D



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