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Script required to close software popup

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Im new to autoit but it looks like the right community to ask the following question.

I play at titanpoker and they have an annoying cashgame/tournament popup ad that overlays tables and just generally anoy the hell out of me.

It either happens once a day or it pops up every couple of minutes then goes away for a hour or so and starts again.

Could anyone on this forum with the knowledge of autoit perhaps put together a simple script that would click the [ok] button on this window whenever it appears on-screen.

I would greatly appreciate any help in this matter.

Please let me know what other information is required to get something like this working.


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You'll need several things to get this going, I'll give you a few hints.

Look at the function called WinClose in the helpfile.

You'll need a loop to keep the script constantly looking for the popup window, here's the general idea:

While 1; This means it will loop until the user exits
If the window exists then close it; You'll use the WinExists and WinClose functions
Sleep(50); Check every 50 ms, if this omitted your CPU will do tons of work checking constantly
WEnd; This exits the loop
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hi there

I have had a look at a winclose script, particulary it was made to close the "new hardware detected" popup.

However I made adjustments but didnt get it it to actually close it, maybe because the particular window doesnt have a titlewindow (only thing constant is an OK button)

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ok I assume the script should be something like this:

While 1;

WinExists ("<title>" [, "<text>"]); WinKill ("<title>" [, "<text>"]) or I can use WinClose ("<title>" [, "<text>"])



My issue with the window, it has no title and in the main frame it has different advert text but at the bottom centre there is another frame/button with OK. Im not sure if the script example would actually read the OK in the button as text or if its read as an image?

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What browser are you using? Does it have popup blocking?

Is the popup created by the same web site where you are accessing your titanpoker from, or is it referencing some other website?

Have you checked your system for spyware and other 'unwanted' baggage?

What OS are you running?

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this is what you want

$A = 1
While $A < 3
    $B = 1
    While $B < 580
        If WinExists("WindowNameHere") Then

you can also use: WinSetState("WindowNameHere", "", @SW_HIDE)

instead of closing or killing it.

i hope it will help you.

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