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Pausing a script w/o WinWait

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I am running a simple MSI based install with a setup.exe. Once setup.exe has kicked off msiexec, setup then closes. The only thing spawned by the MSI is one and at times two instances of msiexec. I would like to pause the script until this install is complete.

I tried...

$process = "msiexec.exe"
     While ProcessExists($process)

But found that I can't use it because SMS may be running msiexec under the local system account. During testing yesterday this method took 15 minutes for the script to move on because of SMS.

I also tried using WinWait() and providing the title of the window that is visible during the install (running the MSI with /passive switch). This didn't work either.

I suppose I could halt the SMS service, kill any running msiexec process then kick off my install but I would like to avoid that if possible. Anyone have any suggestions?


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Thinking out loud here...

Enumerate all the PIDs of any currently MSIEXEC.EXEs

Launch your setup

Wait a tiny bit

Enumerate all the PIDs of any currently MSIEXEC.EXEs again and look for deltas.

Use ProcessWaitClose with a PID to pause the script.

Yes - you could catch some MSIEXEC.EXE that just happened to start via SMS between your enumerations - but it seems to be a slight improvement over what you have now.


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The WinWait should work - you should try harder to make it work - try the "window info" tool. You can paste the info in the tool here and i can try to give you the code that you need.You can also try the :

RunWait(@COMSPEC & " /c start C:\whatever.msi")

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