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CCleaner V2.10 install problem

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I am trying to create a script to install the latest version of ccleaner. No matter what I try I cannot get past the Open File - Security Warning dialogue!

The code I have tried among others is as follows:

Func InstallCCleaner()
    FileInstall("C:\Setup files\CCleaner\ccsetup210.exe", @DesktopDir & "\ccsetup210.exe")
    ShellExecute(@DesktopDir & "\ccsetup210.exe")
    While 1
        If ControlCommand("Open File - Security Warning", "Run", 4423, "IsEnabled", "") Then

I have used both code generators to no avail, but if I manually click Run then the rest of the script (not shown) runs fine and installs ccleaner.

Has anybody else had problems with this type of dialogue, I just can't seem to interact with it!!


Edit: I have noticed that the taskbar tab has the autoit logo, which is odd!! If I open the install.exe normally then nothing appears on the taskbar when the warning opens.

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Ok I managed to figure this out! I used the secondary command interpreter %comspec% and now the install runs without the Open File warning.

$exe = @DesktopDir & "\ccsetup210.exe"
    Run(@ComSpec & ' /c "' & $exe & '"', '', @SW_HIDE)

All is now working.

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