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Set Hotkeys in script according to ini file

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I have an ini file similar to this:




Now I have my script reading from this ini like this:

[/s][s]$readsection = IniReadSection(@ScriptDir & "\temp.ini", "section")
For $i = 1 To $readsection[0][0]
     HotKeySet($readsection[$i][1], $readsection[$i][0])

I want it to read the key/value pairs in the ini file and set all the keys in the ini files as hotkeys, and all the values in the ini as the function to go to when the hotkey is pressed.

is this the right way to do it? because when lets say a key/value pair looks like this: ^g=showmsgbox and i press Ctrl+g

it doesn't go to the showmsgbox() function.

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